Tips Interior - Home With Roman Shades

Posted by DSH on Sunday, November 26, 2006

A Roman shade is one that can be lowered and raised at will in even folds. The folds are formed by a system of cords, rings, and horizontal battens. The shade is a flat panel when lowered all the way down, and hangs from an attached board at the top of the windows frame.

One of our good friends helped us out by lining the panels of our shades for us. This was done to give us some extra insulation for our windows. Our area of the world is prone to bitter winds, which draw heat from even the most insulated homes. To get an extra barrier of insulation in our windows, lining the shades was our best bet.

Wherever you might consider a shade or mini-blinds, Roman Shades will easily fit in well. Nearly any fabric is feasible for their creation, and while ours was lined, they do not have to be. You can use them in unisons with drapes for a formal dining room. For a bedroom where privacy is enjoyed, you can use them to darken the room.

This type of shade is incredibly adaptable because of the softness of their appearance. The colors usually come in earthy tones, which by in large can go with just about any type of color scheme. As mentioned before, even in high traffic areas such as dining rooms, don’t let the simplicity of Roman Shades fool you.

Our decorating genius friend also made shades to fit our dining room windows. The folds were about eight inches in width, basically as wide as you may want them. I quickly learned that there are many patterns available for making Roman Shades. Our friend courteously asked our opinions on which pattern to use. I don’t think she agreed much with my drab opinion.

If you have some talent and a sewing machine you could easily create your own roman shade. You can find patterns in magazines, books, and even online. You don’t have to be a pro with a sewing machine since many stores have the shades for sale in both custom and standard sizes with a great choice in colors and fabrics alike.

Our friend created exactly that effect that we were aiming for. The room felt warm and was complementary to our old house and our furniture combination. The roman blinds were fabulous and unique without any ill effect. Visitors to our home were always full of comments on our decorating.

I guess we had our good friend to thank for that with her amazing decorating talent. Now we can carry on throughout our days with out beautiful new shades. If you’re thinking of changing the looks of your windows, or of your entire room for that matter, you cannot go wrong with these shades. You’ll be dining happily like we now are.

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